Sour Note Brewing Passion Fruit

Brewery: Sour Note Brewing
Where to buy: Binnys
Type: Ale
Pack Size: 4
Price Per Pack: $14

Overall rating:


Tastes Like:

Sour; Light Passion Fruit; Metallic after taste (tap water taste?); Did I mention sour?


Not much of a smell, a little bit of a metallic / sour smell, light florals/fruit tone

Buy once:


Buy Again:


Sour. That sums this one neatly. The Sour Note Brewing Passion Fruit beer is sour, in a good way. This is certainly a sour beer worth having around and sipping while resting or doing light work.

Would I consider this a “fun” party beer? Eh … maybe? While it certainly tastes fun I don’t think I’d consider it a party beer by any means. That is certainly not a bad thing in any way mind you.

Good for

Possibly not as great for

This really is a pleasant beer that I very much so enjoyed drinking. I don’t think I’d ever drink it at any late evening thing or while out on a guys night, but I’d certainly enjoy this at an afternoon BBQ for example.

There is not much smell to go on for this beer, but the taste is certainly there. Fair warning: it is a rather strong sour taste. Pure lemon like sour? No. But still a heavy hitter. A bit surprising at first but you get used to it pretty darn quick. Afterwards is a very good sipping beer. But I would NOT consider this a session beer. Why? While it’s great for light tasks and sipping, the sour taste is just too darn strong for me to really consider it a session like beer. Yes yes, that might not be the technical definition of it, but still … that’s how I see it.

I rated the Sour Note Brewing Passion Fruit beer a 9 out of 10 instead of a perfect 10 out of 10 not because of the sourness, but because of this odd metallic after taste that lingers. Maybe I don’t know sour beers well enough, but that is the only thing that ruined the experience with this beer. Otherwise, the strong sourness, the flavoring, the beer strength and the overall feeling I get for this beer is pretty damn near perfect for what it’s supposed to be.

And that’s the big point: in the grand scheme of beers maybe it rates well or poorly, I don’t know. But what I can tell you is that¬†for me and for what I feel that this beer is trying to achieve: it’s almost perfect.

Light. Sour. Easy to drink. Great for light tasks (like writing this post). And certainly makes for a fun lunch picnic beer. Well worth trying and buying again.

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