Plum Fairy – Almanac

Brewery: Almanac
Where to buy: Binny's
Type: Ale
Pack Size: 1
Price Per Pack: $13.99
Alcohol by volume: 5.9%

Overall rating:


Tastes Like:

Light Plum Soju, Sour


Glorious; Very sweet; Hints of vanilla

Buy once:

Yes, very much so

Buy Again:

Yes, though only once in a while

The Plum Fairy from Almanac brewing is honestly one of the best beers I’ve tasted to date. It hits every note it’s supposed to, it does everything it says it will, and delivers bang on on the taste. All the notes they say on the bottle come through very cleanly both in the taste and smell.

And the Plum Fairy beer label is very beautiful to boot!


The first sip will sucker punch you with the sour tones, but then it’ll quickly level off into the three primary tones (as said on the bottle): plum, pluots, and vanilla.

I had to look up what a pluot is: it’s a hybrid fruit of a plum and apricot.

These three flavors blend absolutely wonderful in the Plum Fairy and yet keep their own distinct characteristics.

The sour tone is very strong, but in this beer it’s a very good thing. It adds a very nice taste later to the other tones here.


Wonderful. That’s the best way to quickly describe it. It’s direct, it’s sweet, it’s not overpowering, and it’s just right for this beer. The flavor tones come out even better / more distinctly in the smell (more so than in the taste).


Beautiful artwork on the bottle that’s certainly worth mentioning. The patterns are great, everything fits into place and it’s just oh so pleasing to look at. Very nice texture too!

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