Double Blueberry Raspberry Lime Fruitsicle – Odd Side

Brewery: Odd Side
Where to buy: Binny's
Type: Ale
Pack Size: 4
Price Per Pack: $11.99
Alcohol by volume: 6.5%

Overall rating:


Tastes Like:

Fruity; You can taste the lime, but the other sweet tones are hard to place.


Very sweet, almost like ice-cream

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The Double Raspberry Lime Fruitsicle ale from Odd Side is a bit of a unique beer, it’s certainly fruity but a bit hard to place the specific fruit. Though the sweetness is rather nice and it smells great.

Double Blueberry Raspberry Lime Fruitsicle

So far this is probably the hardest beer for me to write about. Not because the can is so minimalistic … but because it’s very hard to place the taste. I also keep jumping between liking it a lot and being off-put by the lime taste. Which begs the question, why I rated this a nine out of ten. In short: the Double Blueberry Raspberry Lime Fruitsicle ale by Odd Side is a fun treat that is most certainly worth trying at least once … if you like sweeter beer.


This part is a bit tough really. Why? Because this Double Blueberry Raspberry Lime Fruitsicle … well, for one: it both is and isn’t a “fruitsicle.” At least if you think of it in ice-cream. But it does have fruit tones, and some very nice ones, but I for the love of me cannot place them. I don’t taste raspberry much nor blueberry. If I “really” REALLY search my tongue I think I can get hints (especially in the back notes) … but I mostly get the lime.

Is that a bad thing? I’m uncertain.

So I think of it like this: this beer is fun for sipping while doing various things so you don’t have to think too much about it and can simply enjoy the sweet taste (with a very light and nice tartness to it).

It is 6.5% so do watch out for that.


I don’t know if I can get enough of this smell. It’s an extremely fun smell. Candy like smell. A must sniff!

Unlike the taste, you can make our various fruits in the smell. The lime comes through of course, but so does blueberry and raspberry in their own ways.

There’s also a sweet tone in the middle that I can’t place. But it’s not bad. Just know it’s there.

Buy rating:

Buy it and have fun. 🙂 If you like sweeter beers it’s certainly worth picking up a pack to try out.

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