Dark Horse Raspberry Ale

Brewery: Dark Horse
Where to buy: Binny's
Type: Ale
Pack Size: 6
Price Per Pack: $9.99
Alcohol by volume: 5%

Overall rating:


Tastes Like:

Light-ish beer, bitter front, light middle and light raspberry middle-end; lightly sour


Smells surprisingly sweet

Buy once:

Yup, pretty tasty

Buy Again:


The Dark Horse Raspberry Ale is a rather enjoyable fruit-ish ale. As it’s only 5% and has a rather light taste it’s a decent beer for sipping while zonking out, doing some light work, playing video games or just watching your favorite show. Though, for some reason you do ‘feel’ this one a bit faster than expected (either that or I’m getting old). But still: certainly a fun beer to at least try if you like fruit flavors in your beer but do not expect a strong raspberry flavor here.

Probably the one and only complaint I have of the Dark Horse Raspberry Ale is that is has such a strong bitter front. It’s not a punch-you-in-your-face strong bitter, but it’s still a few forward taste. Other than that: ‘maybe’ if they somehow increased the raspberry flavor a bit … ‘maybe’.

It’s a fun little beer 🙂

While the bitterness sticks around a bit, the raspberry flavor does become easily apparently “in the back” (back tones) though sadly doesn’t linger long. The raspberry part, is certainly in the middle but it’s also in the ‘back’ as well and if you put some air through it you’ll definitely taste the fruit notes.

Again: the fruit note’s aren’t strong. And for this particular beer that might actually be a good thing. It’s NOT a beer version of a wine cooler nor is it a beer version of a (non-grape) fruit wine: meaning it’s not very sweet. Actually, it’s a bit on the sour end!

The general lightness, but not too light, plus the light fruit tones complement each other rather well for an overall refined finish and make for a pleasant longer-time sipping experience.

When I say this beer is light I don’t mean light like that piss water stuff. Light as in: it’s not “heavy” like a dark lager, it’s not “medium heavy” like your average mid-tone micro-brew though it’s also not light like water or whatnot.


I tried drinking this beer rather fast and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The bigger front really ruined any fun I wanted to have with it. So, a sipping like experience or taking your time with this Dark Horse Raspberry Ale is certainly the way to go.

What does it taste like overall? Think of a standard ale that’s a bit strong and bitter, then add some raspberry tones in the middle and end and after all that lighten it up a bit. Oddly enough, it remind me of a porter taste, but of course very light.

So would I buy this beer again? Kinda sorta most likely yes, if I were specifically looking for a like session-like light fruit toned beer: sure! Would I say “oh wow, I really must add this to my favorites list and buy again sometime soon”: nope. For my personal preference: it’s a bit too bitter.

That’s not to say this is a bad beer, far from it. I just have my own preferences and this beer, while tasty and I’d get it again eventually, isn’t something I’d seek out specifically. Especially now that I’m in a rather fun food and drink experimenting and exploring phase. I will say that in no time of drinking this 6-pack over the course of 2 weeks did I ever dread or regret getting this. I really did enjoy it and it made for some fun gaming time.

If you like your beer to be more on the bitter end of things but have fruit tones: then this Dark Horse Raspberry Ale is right up your alley.

I only give it a 7/10 rating because of personal preferences. 7 is a pretty solid and good rating.

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