Anderson Valley Brewing Company Blood Orange Goose

Brewery: Anderson Valley
Where to buy: Binny's
Type: Ale
Pack Size: 6
Price Per Pack: $8.99
Alcohol by volume: 4.2%

Overall rating:


Tastes Like:

Lemony Sour, lightly orange flavored seltzer water with alcohol


Initially not much, let it sit for a little bit and then: very pleasant sweet florals

Buy once:

Yeah, fun to try

Buy Again:

Maybe, but probably not

A decent light beer with some fruit tones, though it smells wonderful the taste misses the mark.

I wanted to love this beer, I really did … but it is simply missing . I can’t place my finger on what, but this Anderson Valley Brewing Company Blood Orange Goose beer left me wanting something more out of it.

It certainly is an enjoyable beer and I might buy it got a summer BBQ, but otherwise I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this beer again.

It does get (at least) two things spot on though:

* The smell
* The sour notes

The Smell:

If you let the beer sit for a minute or so before drinking (or at least before sniffing) you’ll find it has a very pleasure sweet and floral scent. Not a blood orange scent, well … maybe a lightly citrusy ting to it, but it’s certainly very pleasantly sweet and most certainly nice floral tones. It really would be a great contender for one of those citrus essential oils to put in a diffuser. I really mean this in a very positive way. The smell really is very darn nice and I kept on taking a wiff of it while sipping and writing this review.

The Taste Overall:

The Anderson Valley Brewing Company Blood Orange Goose has a very strong sour front, nice tingly middle and a mid-dry sour finish. What hits me the most is the lemony sourness. Truth be told if they said this was a sour lemon flavored beer then I’d rate it higher because with that in mind it’d fit the description well … What I’m really not getting much flavor from in this beer is the actual blood orange.

Maybe I don’t know exactly what a blood orange in food is supposed to taste like? But this beer does not remind me of the actual fruit.

Why I rated this 7.5 instead of 8:

Even with the slightly overpowering sour front and odd middle, I still would have rated this beer rather highly. Why?

 It seems like a rather well produced product with an overall quality taste and flavor. It just happens to not be my type of taste and flavor. But the reason I marked it down a tad is the odd taste that this really might just be flavored soda / seltzer water with alcohol. I know it’s not, but something in the taste of the water they used (or so) reminds me of it and I can’t shake that feeling.

Would I buy this beer again?

If you’re looking to have a sour type, low alcohol content and good quality beer at a mid summers day event then yes the Anderson Valley Brewing Company Blood Orange Goose is a good choice. But it’s probably not something I personally would buy again. If it had more of a fruit tone to it, them I actually might. Otherwise, for myself no I wouldn’t buy it. For an event: I just might.

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