Abita Brewing: Strawberry Lager

Brewery: Abita Brewing
Where to buy: Binny's
Type: Lager
Pack Size: 6
Alcohol by volume: 4.6%

Overall rating:


Tastes Like:

Light beer with something kinda sorta resembling strawberry


Rather nice beer and sweet fruit

Buy once:

Yes, glad I tried it once

Buy Again:


I wanted to like the Abita Brewing Strawberry Lager, I really did … but I feel like it just fell short of my expectations.

This is though a respectable beer, though sadly not one I would purchase again. It is rather light and reasonably pleasurable to drink but however they put in the strawberry flavor … well, it’s a weird strawberry flavor. Mind you, it is NOT any sort of “fake” strawberry flavor like you get in cough syrup. Please don’t mistake this for anywhere near that.

The Abita Brewing Strawberry Lager strawberry flavor is just, well I’m not sure what to call it. Odd? Different? Not what I expected?

I can say this though, it certainly does remind me of strawberries, but I wouldn’t say that this is something like “aha! Awesomely sweet and ripe strawberries and beer!” Nope. And maybe that’s my fault because that is what I was hoping for out of this.

The other reason I give this beer a 6 out of 10 and not wanting to buy it again because I feel that if they made this specifically as a lighter and sweeter session beer, then that would fit the idea perfectly and well. Sadly it’s not what it is marketed as.

So, now about the actual beer tastes and smells and sights:

It certainly is a ‘golden lager’ like it says on the bottle and it certainly a nice beer to look at. Smell gorgeous too! Like, it really smells good. Nice sweet-ish smell after-tones. Nice!

It does certainly taste like a lager and like it was made with spring water: has a bit of a metal ting to it at the end. And that is perfectly fine! It’s just the strawberry part that mucks it up.

The strawberry part flavoring misses the mark a bit by not having a strong enough Strawberry tone, not enough sweetness to it and being a bit too sour for the strawberry expectations.

Mind you: the sourness is actually pleasant, but I don’t think it fits right with strawberry.

While I am glad I got this beer at least once to try, I won’t be purchasing it again. Shame though, so much potential. I’d love to try it again if they tweak the flavoring a bit.

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